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    Forget it, kid. 

    brb crying

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    Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling at the ‘Netflix’ Launch Party at Le Faust on September 15, 2014 in Paris, France.

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    While he’s Distracted… - by Kalida


    Source: Why it pays to be bilingual.

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    an very important hole


    *protestation intensifies*


    belials feral/angry/RAGE form??? yea. this was part of a larger image that involved reno but i got too frustrated and ended up snipping it



    Evolution of the Desk (1980-2014)

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    It’s exciting to see how much technology has changed (and shrunk) in the last twenty-five years. But no app will ever replace adorable pictures of puppies…

    This reminded us of Kevin Kelly’s talk about the evolution of technology»

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    10 facts about yourself. 

    1. Your nickname: Dante, Nani, I prefer Dante XD 

    2. Your eye colour: Brown :B

    3. Your hair colour: Brown.

    4. One fact about you: I lost a lot of time because my TDAH and my indecision @-@ and I don’t talk about hours or days, I talk about years D: fuck. But… I’m in peace with my self now XD

    5. Favourite colour: ALL OF THEM, but mostly blue :B 

    6. Favourite place: The ocean. Not outside, INSIDE THE OCEAN, whit the fishis and anemonanas (lol)

    7. Favourite celebrity: Errrr… Ezra Miller? 

    8. Favourite animals: Fishis, lemurs, cayman turtle, crocodile turtle, haireless rat, big dogs like the dobermann, big cats like the maine coon, and, mm… all the animals, ajajaja.

    9. Favourite song: I don’t have only one favourite song. “El mañana” Gorillaz, “Digital Love” Daft Punk, “Something about us” Daft Punk, “Beso de muerto” San Pascualito Rey. 

    10. Favourite book: Uh, maybe… “Ensayo sobre la ceguera” Jose Saramago.

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    Nope XD

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    Art Work by Kuldar Leement


    Baskin-Robbins JP “Halloween Sundaes” evoke spooky Halloween day and night, and will be available from 9/26



    The Abner Toolbox takes a necessary household necessity and makes it into a work of art. Designed by Aaron Poritz, the toolbox is crafted entirely in teak, including the comb joints that hold the box together. Named after his grandfather who taught Aaron woodworking as a child the Abner toolbox includes a bottom tool compartment, inset tray, and a self-contained lid. The handle of the tool is fixed from the bottom of the interior of the toolbox, so the tray and cover slide easily over the carved handle. The toolbox can be used to store household tools, card games, jewelry, or any accents that need organizing. Each Abner Toolbox is ethically handmade in Nicaragua by skilled craftsmen.

    See them online HERE.

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